Description: The Blockade item deploys a thin wall of energy that blocks weapon fire and mech movement. It can be used to close off choke points or protect an exposed flank beneath an objective such as the AA Tower. The Blockade has a short duration and can be destroyed by weapons fire.

Gameplay tip: Always be aware of your surroundings. A misplaced Blockade can quickly become a hindrance to you and your team. Blockades can also be repaired by the Technician's Helix Repair Torch.


The Blockade as seen in the garage

Blockade StatsEdit

Health: 575 HP

Lifespan: 13 seconds

Table of Blockade Versions And CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 108 1121
Mk II 144 1602
Mk III 180 2082

Mechs with the Blockade as their stock itemEdit

Technician fullbody labeled180

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