Cockpit Accessories are decorative items which can be unlocked with MC. They appear inside the mech and are only visible to the pilot's first person perspective, inside the mech's cockpit. They can be found in the top right corner slots of the "cockpit" section of the garage.

As the cockpit has a different shape and layout depending on the mech's weight class, the accessories can be placed in slightly different positions between mechs. For examples, please see the gallery of the cockpit article. There are 3 separate cockpit accessory slots, and only 1 accessory can be equipped in each slot at any one time.

Cockpit accessories are universal and can be applied to all mechs once purchased.

List of Cockpit Accessories Edit

Picture Name Price Notes
Icons decorations skeleton
"Skeleton Bobble" 360 MC Skull bounces around in reaction to mech movement, boosting, strafing, and shooting. Placed in slot 1 at the bottom left of the screen, on the dashboard.
Icons decorations monkey
"Monkey Bobble" 360 MC Same as Skull Bobble.
Icons decorations pufferFish
"Red Puffer" 216 MC Quickly inflates and deflates when the mech is hit. Same slot as the bobbleheads.
Icons decorations pufferFish green
"Green Puffer" 216 MC Same as the Red Puffer.
Icons decorations noodleCup
"Noodles" 108 MC Bounces up and down in reaction to mech jumping and boosting. Placed in slot 2, at the bottom right of the screen, on the dashboard next to the item icon display.
Icons decorations fireExtinguisher
"Extinguisher" 108 MC Placement varies depending on mech class, generally located in the top left corner of the screen. Is from slot 3.
Icons decorations hellfires
"Hellfires" 108 MC Same as Extinguisher.
Icons decorations tow
"TOW" 108 MC Same as Extinguisher.

List Of Unavailable Cockpit AccessoriesEdit

Picture Name
Icons decorations ashtray
Icons decorations candyCane
"Candy Cane"
Icons decorations pufferFish blue
"Blue Puffer"
Icons decorations rocket

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