Ca metal

CA clan logo by [CA] Karnak, original by Typhus.

Critical Assist is a Hawken clan based in Europe, founded just before the Silence by Houruck and Pure_Amazing and comprised originally of members of two other Pre-Silence clans, the Black Steel Brotherhood (BSB) and the Old World Lancers (OWL). In the words of Houruck, the clan prides itself on being "friendly, professional, and fair".

It has a very active pool of members, as evidenced by its forum thread.

CA has a private Hawken server ("Critical Assist", in the EU region list), a dedicated Twitch channel, and a teamspeak server.

Activities Edit

The clan organised weekly training sessions on their private server on Mondays, in the evening of European timezones (GMT through GMT+3). They also had frequent scrims with other European clans, most notably Arrows of Hungarians. As of August/September 2015 these events are on hold.

Recruitment Edit

CA prefers players in the EU region for reasons of ping, although as long as they have good ping they do not care about the player's region. Players with an unsuitable ping in EU are still invited into the teamspeak channel during trainings and matches.

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