Crosshairs are marks at the centre of the screen that help with aiming, firing, and weapon load times. The mech's weapons are placed in such a way that they will always shoot towards the dot at the centre of the crosshairs, with more or less accuracy depending on the weapon type.
When a weapon is fired, reloading after a shot, or lowered (due to boosting forwards, overheating, or EMPs) the crosshairs expand outwards from the centre of the screen then slowly shrink back to their resting shape as the weapon is almost ready to fire again. When the crosshairs have regained their normal size and shape, the weapon can once again be fired.

There are two sets of crosshairs, primary and secondary. Primary crosshairs are larger and encircle the centre of the screen or cross through it. They indicate the status of the primary weapon. Secondary crosshairs are smaller and closer to the centre of the screen. They show the status of the secondary weapon.

Besides the one default primary crosshairs and the one default secondary crosshairs, all crosshairs cost 99 MC/1925 HC to unlock. Note that crosshairs are universal and can be applied to all mechs owned by the pilot once unlocked.

Below the crosshairs selection slots, there is a button marked "Apply To All Mechs". This is a quick way to spread a new crosshairs configuration to the rest of the player's garage.

List Of Primary CrosshairsEdit

Picture Name
Icons reticles p01
"Default Primary"
Icons reticles p02
"Basic Circle"
Icons reticles p03
"Broken X"
Icons reticles p04
"Notched Crosshair"
Icons reticles p05
"Slide Sight"
Icons reticles p06
"Classic X"
Icons reticles p07
"Scifi Y"
Icons reticles p09
"Driver X"

List Of Secondary CrosshairsEdit

Picture Name
Icons reticles s01
"Default Secondary"
Icons reticles s02
"Box Inverted"
Icons reticles s03
"X Buckle"
Icons reticles s04
"Band Setting"
Icons reticles s05
Icons reticles s06
"Classic Circle"
Icons reticles s07
"Scifi Tri Dot"
Icons reticles s09
"Dual Boxes"

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