Description: The Detonator item is a low-velocity projectile that fires in a straight line. It deals damage on impact, as well as splash damage to nearby targets. The projectile can be detonated early by pressing the Use Item button a second time.

Gameplay tip: The Detonator has a long range and will continue to travel until it impacts a mech or object. Precise timing can ensure a hit on an unsuspecting enemy at a distance.


The Detonator as seen in the garage

Detonator StatsEdit

Damage: 60

Table of Detonator Versions and CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 108 1121
Mk II 144 1602
Mk III 180 2082

Mechs with the Detonator as their stock itemEdit

Reaper fullbody labeled180 Vanguard fullbody labeled180

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