Description: The EMP item is a large, top-like projectile that explodes a few seconds after deployment, temporarily disabling the weapons and electronic systems of mechs in the affected area for a short time. Turrets and deployed equipment caught in the blast are also affected.

Gameplay tip: The EMP will completely destroy deployed Holograms and Blockades, and will disable R Turrets and MG Turrets. Be careful you don't get caught in your own EMP's area of effect.


The EMP as seen in the garage

EMP StatsEdit

Weapon deactivation time: 4.25 seconds

Radar deactivation time: 4 seconds

Turret deactivation time: 8 seconds

Table of EMP Versions and CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 144 1602
Mk II 180 2082
Mk III 216 2563

Mechs with the EMP as their stock itemEdit

Raider fullbody labeled180

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