HUD colors are the three colors used by the pilot's HUD to highlight targets and objectives and quickly show their status. It is divided into three slots.

The first slot is for the color applied to "friend" targets. This color will be used to highlight teammates, and display their radar icon, call-sign, health, and depending on gamemode, the EU they collected. It will also be used to display kill messages attributed to the pilot (EU delivery, silo capture, kill or assist), their health bar and their radar (although the radar is a darker version of the friend color, to differentiate the background from their teammate's radar signatures). Depending on gamemode, the friend color will also be applied to the pilot's team's kill score, their team's base health, or the missile silos their team controls.

The second color slot, "neutral", will display the amount of XP gained for an action (kill, assist, EU delivery, silo capture) and display missile silos or the AA (anti-air) if they are under no team's control. Energy pilons' icons in Siege mode are also shown in this color.

The third color slot, "foe", will be used to highlight enemy targets when in sight along with the enemy mech's call-sign, health, and accrued EU, display the "target hit" symbols on the pilot's reticle, show the enemy team's number of kills, or which missile silos or AA are under their control. Their radar signatures will also be in this color.

- HUD colors cannot be seen by anyone besides the pilot inside their cockpit.
- The colors are universal and can be applied to all mechs once unlocked.
- Despite some of their names, any color can be applied to any HUD color slot. The same color can even be applied to more than one slot at the same time.
- Beneath the color slot selection there is a "tint reticle" option. This makes the firing reticle at the centre of the pilot's field of vision the same color as the "friend" color the pilot chose.
- Beneath the "tint reticle" is a button marked "Apply to all Mechs". This will apply your HUD color selection across all the mechs you own in your garage.

List Of HUD ColorsEdit

Picture Name Price
Icon hud default friend
"Default Friend" Free (default color)
Icon hud default foe
"Default Foe" Free (default color)
Icon hud default neutral
"Default Neutral" Free (default color)
Icon hud bright blue
"Bright Blue" Free
Icon hud bright red
"Bright Red" Free
Icon hud pale yellow
"Pale Yellow" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud yellow green
"Yellow Green" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud pale orange
"Pale Orange" Free
Icon hud bright orange
"Bright Orange" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud tan
"Tan" Free
Icon hud peach
"Peach" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud pale green
"Pale Green" Free
Icon hud bright green
"Bright Green" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud mint green
"Mint Green" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud pale purple
"Pale Purple" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud bright pink
"Bright Pink" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud pale pink
"Pale Pink" 72 MC/1250 HC
Icon hud white
"White" Free
Icon hud gray
"Gray" Free

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