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Welcome to the Hawken Wiki
For information on the free-to-play, mech-based first-person shooter
developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment.

About Hawken

Hawken is an upcoming, free-to-play, mech-based first-person shooter under development by Adhesive Games. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic planet industrialized to the point of collapse, in which the hunt for resources has become a battle for survival. Hawken favors a unique balance between the lumbering giants of Western games and the sleek robots in Eastern games. Featuring a growing number of mech customizations, maps, and stunning graphics through the Unreal 3 Engine, piloting a mech has never come this close to reality.

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    Hey Hawken fans! Since this wiki is quite run down :(, I've decided to patch it up! I also want to maintain it in good condition, so I'm applying for adoption of the wiki! Wish me luck!

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    March 6, 2013 by TurboJensen

    On a previous blog, I stated that I'd be taking a break from the wiki until the next patch comes. Well, the Raider Update was launched today, and I'm not able to keep my word. Until another brave soul comes to commandeer the wiki, it'll be without u…

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    Thanks to the 87 people who voted on January and February's poll! And the results are in: Which secondary weapon do you like best?

    1. "TOW Rocket" (30 votes)
    2. "Hellfire Missiles" (29 votes)
    3. "Sabot Rifle" (18 votes)
    4. "Grenade Launcher" (20 votes)

    The new poll as…

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What clan do you belong to?

The poll was created at 21:06 on March 1, 2013, and so far 405 people voted.

Free Mechs

Test Drive until 4/22/2014

Bruiser fullbody labeled180 Grenadier fullbody labeled180 Technician fullbody labeled180

Featured Article

Mechs are the user-controlled vehicles of Hawken. Currently, mechs are split up into three different weight classes: light A-class mechs, medium B-class mechs, and heavy C-class mechs. All mechs have a primary and secondary weapon arm, deployable item slots, internal functions slots, and a unique ability. Each mech additionally uses thrusters to move boost, dodge, and turn. When damaged in battle, mechs have the ability to repair. As mechs are used in battles, they gain experience toward their rank. Ranking up mechs will unlock elite chasis parts and alternate primary weapons. Mechs can be customized by in many ways - different chasis parts from other mechs, a variety of thruster styles, a variety of repair drones, and a paint highlight. The user can also customize their mech's cockpit with various items, crosshair styles, and colors... Read more >


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