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Welcome to the HAWKEN Wiki
For information on the free-to-play, mech-based first-person shooter
developed by Reloaded Games.

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About Hawken

Hawken is an upcoming, free-to-play, mech-based first-person shooter under development by Reloaded Games. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic planet -- Illal -- industrialized to the point of collapse, in which the hunt for resources has become a battle for survival. Hawken favors a unique balance between the lumbering giants of Western games and the sleek robots in Eastern games. Featuring a growing number of mech customizations, maps, and stunning graphics through the Unreal 3 Engine, Hawken has made piloting a mech never come closer to reality.

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Recent Blog Posts

  • TiberiumFusion

    It's been nearly three years now since I adopted this wikia, and while Hawken was absolutely flying from Feb 2014 to midsummer that same year, most of my tenure has been watching this masterpiece of a game decline. The handful of reboots, revamps, r…

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    I'm back!

    January 4, 2016 by General-jwj

    Finally back from my long trip abroad, I'll start making contributions again.

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    October 28, 2015 by TiberiumFusion

    Hello everyone! As part of the (agonizingly) slow process to repair security flaws that Wikia is conducting, they have decided to remove the verbatim page elements. View the original article here

    What is a verbatim? If you're an average user, you lik…

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Monthly Poll

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What's your current evaluation of our beloved, original, and cherished PC Hawken?

The poll was created at 04:35 on January 31, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.
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How do you feel about the upcoming changes to Hawken?

Love them! The game needs a bit of a refresh :)

I like them, I can get behind it

Neutral, I don't really care or find much difference

I dislike them, they will ruin the game for me somewhat

Hate them! They're changing our beloved Hawken into something else :(

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Hawken News

  • PC Refresh coming soon...?

Free Mechs

Test Drive until ??/??/??

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Featured Article


Wreckage is a multiplayer map for Hawken. It contains a large spaceship crashed in the middle of a swamp area. There are ramps leading from the swamp to the inside of the spaceship, as well as lateral entrances directly next to the Prosk and Sentium spawns. Although the central area of the spaceship is relatively large, overall the ship's insides are very claustrophobic and leave little room for dodging or aerial manoeuvring... Read more >


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