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Last Eco (Last Ecosystem) is one of the newest maps added to Hawken. It is a heavily forested area filled with gigantic trees and jutting rocky outcrops. The area also contains man-made structures overgrown with vegetation, and the burnt out remnants of mechs and vehicles.

Last eco supports four game modes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, missile assault, and siege.

In siege, the two EU pilons are in close proximity and within sight of each other. They also control one of the most direct paths from the "outside" of the map to the AA structure.

The many rocks and trees and the steep slopes scattered throughout the map provide much cover, but the map is still open enough for long range firing to be an option. The exception to this is the AA structure, which is surrounded by elevated rocky platforms that provide good cover to those shooting down on it. The key to survival in such a situation is to use the AA pyramid itself as cover, by switching from side to side to put it between your mech and the enemies.

Winter EcoEdit

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Winter Eco icon

Winter eco is a special Christmas season reskin of Last Eco. The area is now covered in snow and christmas decorations, including destructible presents and striped candy canes. It still works identically to Last Eco and supports the same game modes. Grenades are also wrapped like presents.

After a certain interval of time has elapsed in a match, it is possible for "Marvin the Yeti" to appear. This large creature will walk around the map while roaring. He has a lot of health, so killing him requires a group effort. Killing Marvin brings a Service Award, and unlocks a christmas themed repair drone.

Outside of christmas, Winter Eco is only available in private servers (if an admin enters the command) or in map exploration mode.