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Last Updated: 4/11/2014

Beserker fullbody labeled110-1 Infiltrator fullbody labeled110 Reaper fullbody labeled110 Scout fullbody labeled110 Technician fullbody labeled110

Assault fullbody labeled110 G2-assault fullbody labeled110 Bruiser fullbody labeled110 Cr-t recruit fullbody labeled110 Predator fullbody labeled110 Raider fullbody labeled110 Sharpshooter fullbody labeled110

Brawler fullbody labeled110 G2-raider fullbody labeled110 Grenadier fullbody labeled110 Incinerator fullbody labeled110 Rocketeer fullbody rocketeer110 Vanguard fullbody labeled110

Mechs are the user-controlled vehicles of Hawken. Currently,
Cr-t garage

The CR-T Recruit in the garage

mechs are split up into three different weight classes: light A-class mechs, medium B-class mechs, and heavy C-class mechs. All mechs have a primary and secondary weapon arm, deployable item slots, internal functions slots, and a unique ability. Each mech additionally uses thrusters to move boost, dodge, and turn. When damaged in battle, mechs have the ability to repair. As mechs are used in battles, they gain experience toward their rank. Ranking up mechs will unlock elite chasis parts and alternate primary weapons. Mechs can be customized by in many ways - different chasis parts from other mechs, a variety of thruster styles, a variety of repair drones, paint patterns (camos), and a paint highlight. The user can also customize their mech's cockpit with various items, crosshair styles, and colors.


Lightweight A-class mechs are the fastest mechs, favoring guerrilla warfare to take down opponents. Due to being weak in armor, it is essential for pilots of these mechs to dodge projectiles, with the mech's health becoming a buffer for error. The A-class can outlive other classes by easily retreating, and it is also the hardest class for other mechs to escape from. There are currently five mechs in this category:

  • Berserker (Submachine Cannon/Assault Rifle/Point-D Vulcan, TOW Rocket)
  • Infiltrator (Assault Rifle/Heat Cannon/EOC Repeater, Grenade Launcher)
  • Reaper (AM-SAR/Hawkins-RPR/Slug Rifle, KE-Sabot)
  • Scout (Mini Flak Cannon/Flak Cannon/Heat Cannon, TOW Rocket)
  • Technician (Redox-02/Hawkins-RPR, Helix Repair Torch)


The all-around B-class mechs find a balance between the speed of the A-class, and the durability of the C-class. These mechs allow a variety of playstyles including sniping, mass attacks, one-on-one fights, and forward assaults. The B-class CR-T Recruit mech is the first mech a starting pilot is given. There are currently seven mechs in this category:

  • Assault (Submachine Cannon/Point-D Vulcan/Assault Rifle, TOW Rocket)
  • G2-Assault (Vulcan XT, Vulcan XT)
  • Bruiser (Point-D Vulcan/Submachine Cannon/Assault Rifle, Hellfire Missiles)
  • CR-T Recruit (Assault Rifle/Submachine Cannon/Point-D Vulcan, TOW Rocket)
  • Predator (Breacher/T32-Bolt/EOC Repeater, EOC Predator)
  • Raider (ReFLAK-35/T32-bolt/EOC Repeater, Corsair-KLA)
  • Sharpshooter (SA Hawkins/Slug Rifle/AM-SAR, Sabot Rifle)


Bulky and damage resistant C-class mechs are walking tanks recognizable for wielding shoulder-mounted shield plates. Despite their armor, C-class mechs can become easy targets for other mechs due to their slow movement and large figure. Most C-class mechs have the unique ability to transform into turrets, lowering their massive shields and bunkering down. Turret mode increase resistance to frontal damage at the expense of increased damage from the back. This makes them invaluable for holding down and defending areas. C-class mechs are not used as often as the other mechs and generally need to rely on more than just twitch reflexes to succeed. There are currently six mechs in this category:

  • Brawler (Flak Cannon/SA Hawkins/Point-D Vulcan, TOW Rocket)
  • G2-Raider (T32-Bolt XT, Corsair-KLA XT)
  • Grenadier (Rev-GL/Heat Cannon/Point-D Vulcan, Grenade Launcher)
  • Incinerator (B3-AR: BBY/B3-AR: PPA/B3-AR: M4MA, SAARE Launcher)
  • Rocketeer (Seeker/EOC Repeater/Heat Cannon, Hellfire Missiles)
  • Vanguard (Submachine Cannon/Mini Flak Cannon/Point-D Vulcan, Grenade Launcher)

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