Description: The Portable Scanner item deploys a sensor that detects nearby enemies, marking them on your radar and the radars of your teammates. In addition, it provides an audio announcement when enemies come into the scanner's range, and shows where they are on your HUD. The Portable Scanner remains active until it expires, you are killed, or you deploy another scanner.

Gameplay tip: Deploy Portable Scanners around objectives to provide an early warning on approaching enemies. Repair near a Portable Scanner to get an early warning when an enemy approaches.


The Portable Scanner as seen in the garage

Portable Scanner StatsEdit

Health: 120 HP

Lifespan: 120 seconds

Table of Portable Scanner Versions and CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 108 1121
Mk II 144 1602
Mk III 180 2082

Mechs with the Portable Scanner as their stock itemEdit

Scout fullbody labeled180

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