Sunday Sunday Sunday Deathmatch is an America based event created during The Silence by pilot comic_sans. The event is mainly geared towards people who enjoy Deathmatches, with some special modifications applying.

Sunday Sunday Deathmatch art by hestoned

The event takes place every sunday around 6PM Central with no particular scheduling. Communication is handled via the Officially Unofficial Hawken Teamspeak server.

Its official forum thread can be found here.

History Edit

The event was started during The Silence in response to the creation of other community events and the success of War Wednesday. The choice of Sunday for the event's organisation is a reference to a parody monster truck ad that comic_sans likes.

The event started winding down in April/May, at which point pilot hestoned took the reins of the event. With Reloaded's acquisition of the game and their reintroduction of private servers, he acquired one and named it AMERICAN DEATHMATCH. Playing on a private server allows him to apply modifications to default game parameters to change the game experience.

Organisation Edit

The event is a succession of Deathmatch rounds. There are a few modifications applied compared to ordinary deathmatches. Mechs do not drop repair orbs on death, radar is disabled, and player indicators are off, meaning enemy mech status is not displayed onscreen and enemy mechs are only outlined at medium or close range if the pilot keeps their sights on them. These deathmatches can include up to 24 players.

In certain rounds, the players agree to all play the same mech type or the same mech class to bring more variety to the event compared to regular deathmatches.

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