TOW Rocket



Description: The TOW Rocket fires a single unguided rocket that explodes on impact, dealing a massive amount of damage on a direct hit. TOW Rockets also deal splash damage to nearby targets. You can detonate the rocket manually by pressing the middle mouse button, which is useful for catching dodging opponents in the splash zone.

Gameplay tip: Counter dodging opponents by launching a missile to intercept them as they come to a stop, while their dodge is on cooldown. Firing at the ground or a wall near your opponent can be more effective than manual detonation at close range.

Alternate function: Pressing the alternate function button (middle mouse by default) will manually detonate the fired rocket.


TOW Rocket

DPS Rating:




Rate of Fire:


Effective Range:


Heat Rate:


Mechs with the TOW RocketEdit

Assault fullbody labeled180 Berserker fullbody labeled180 Brawler fullbody labeled180 Cr-t recruit fullbody labeled180 Scout fullbody labeled180

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