Upgrades 0 To 10

View of a mech's upgrades.

Upgrades were a funtion in a previous version of Hawken. They were unlocks granted to mechs as they gain experience and level up. They were automatically applied when a mech reaches the required level. Upgrades leveled up a mech's weapons and abilities and granted Optimization Points to spend on optimizations.

Upgrades DO NOT exist anymore in Hakwen. They have been replaced by internals and items.

Level In-game Upgrade
1 +1 Optimization Point (per level)
2 Primary Weapon Level 1
3 Item Unlocked
4 Secondary Weapon Level 1
5 +1 Optimization Point
6 Ability Level 1
7 Alternate Weapon Unlocked
8 Offensive Internal Unlocked
9 +1 Optimization Point
10 Defensive Internal Unlocked
11 +1 Optimization Point
12 Functional Internal Unlocked
13 +1 Optimization Point
14 Primary Weapon Level 2
15 +1 Optimization Point
16 Secondary Weapon Level 2
17 +1 Optimization Point
18 Ability Level 2
19 +1 Optimization Point
20 Primary Weapon Level 3
21 +1 Optimization Point
22 Secondary Weapon Level 3
23 +1 Optimization Point
24 Ability Level 3
25 Alternate Weapon Unlocked

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