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  • TiberiumFusion

    Some of you may have noticed the ugly, new header at the top of our Wikia. I can assure you, that's not our doing, it's an upstream change made by some less-than-competent designers. If I can find a way to revert back to the older, better look, I'll get right on with that.

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  • TiberiumFusion

    It's been nearly three years now since I adopted this wikia, and while Hawken was absolutely flying from Feb 2014 to midsummer that same year, most of my tenure has been watching this masterpiece of a game decline. The handful of reboots, revamps, reduxes, re-invigorations, re-everythings seems to be waning as well. It's not at all dissimilar to seeing a loved one slowly approaching life's end - knowing that it's not very near yet, but nonetheless inevitable and on its way.

    I don't know what Hawken is like on Xbox One or PS4 - well, probably full of players, but with gameplay and spirit that are mere shadows of what once was a sensational PC game. With signs everywhere hinting at us that PC Hawken will eventually be no more, it makes sense …

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  • TiberiumFusion

    Broken Features

    October 28, 2015 by TiberiumFusion

    Hello everyone! As part of the (agonizingly) slow process to repair security flaws that Wikia is conducting, they have decided to remove the verbatim page elements. View the original article here

    What is a verbatim? If you're an average user, you likely have no idea what those are or how utterly important they are to functions on our lovely Hawken wiki. Verbatim elements allow JavaScript and otherwise restricted components into a page. The mechs page, for example, with its fancy mech selector, relies upon a fairly large amount of JS. This can only be injected via a verbatim. And now that verbatims are going away, that feature on the mechs page will not longer function. A brief list of things that will break:

    • Mechs selector on the mech page, …
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  • TiberiumFusion

    Capnjosh just posted a new announcement regarding mech prices. The half price week(end) is over, and they've decided to redo mech pricing to make it more "normazlied", and have less of a pay to win feel. This is likely due to some mechs costing 12000HC and others costing 4000HC. So, as the prices are changed, if anyone wants to update them on our mech pages, feel free to do so. Here is the original announcement, for those who like to read:

    We've let the half-off weekend extend pretty far into the week, partly because these prices are just plain fun and partly because we wanted to see what happened after the initial sale excitement wore off. It's valuable to see that sort of thing.

    Now it's time to bring the regular prices back - I can hear t…

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  • TiberiumFusion

    A Glimmer of Hope

    March 23, 2015 by TiberiumFusion

    Well holy hell, a new Hawken post just came out on Steam!

    The mech test drive has returned! (I can finally update that bit of the homepage now) And along with that is a new forum for the community. The homepage of the official website is broken (as of this writing) but hopefully the Hawken team has gotten their s*** together and might revive our favorite game.

    TiberiumFusion (talk) 23:39, March 23, 2015 (UTC)TiberiumFusion

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