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  • TurboJensen


    March 6, 2013 by TurboJensen

    On a previous blog, I stated that I'd be taking a break from the wiki until the next patch comes. Well, the Raider Update was launched today, and I'm not able to keep my word. Until another brave soul comes to commandeer the wiki, it'll be without updates for a very long time. This looks like the end for me. I wish I could do more justice to this wiki, I'm real sorry guys.

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  • TurboJensen

    Thanks to the 87 people who voted on January and February's poll! And the results are in: Which secondary weapon do you like best?

    1. "TOW Rocket" (30 votes)
    2. "Hellfire Missiles" (29 votes)
    3. "Sabot Rifle" (18 votes)
    4. "Grenade Launcher" (20 votes)

    The new poll asks what clan you belong in. Note that the poll listing was taken from the top 10 clan threads with the most replies.

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  • TurboJensen


    January 19, 2013 by TurboJensen

    Changes to the wiki have been diminishing, and it will probably remain that way for a while. There are spots on the wiki that do need a good update, but for now I'll only maintain things when a patch comes along. I undoubtedly will make a return, and when that happens I'll try putting together a nice surprise that I've had planned. In the meantime, there's quite a few websites with more up to date information if you desire the latest news.

    For now, this wiki will be paused. Though I can't keep this place as updated as others, I'll at least keep things pretty and tidy.

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  • TurboJensen

    December Poll Results

    January 5, 2013 by TurboJensen

    Thanks to the 177 people who voted on December's poll! And the results are in: What is your favorite mech?

    1. "Bruiser" (44 votes)
    2. "Assault" (29 votes)
    3. "Sharpshooter" (23 votes)
    4. "Scout" (20 votes)
    5. "Rocketeer" (16 votes)
    6. "Infiltrator" (14 votes)
    7. "Berserker" (13 votes)
    8. "Brawler" (10 votes)
    9. "Grenadier" (8 votes)

    The new poll asks what your preferred secondary weapon is. Check out the weapons page to decide!

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  • TurboJensen

    November Poll Results

    December 4, 2012 by TurboJensen

    Thanks to the 79 people who voted on November's poll! And the results are in: How much have you played Hawken?

    1. "I just found out about this game." (43 votes)
    2. "I'm currently in the closed beta!" (19 votes)
    3. "I was in the alpha." (10 votes)
    4. "Haven't gotten my key yet." (4 votes)
    5. "Actually, I'm a dev..." (3 votes)

    The new poll asks what your favorite mech is. Check out the mechs page and the specialized articles for mechs to decide!

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