Vulcan XT

Primary & Secondary


Description: This special version of the Point-D Vulcan is exclusive to the G2-Assault. It has a slight spin-up time, but has an incredibly high rate of fire. At close range, the Vulcan deals massive damage to any foe foolish enough to get caught in the open.

Gameplay tip: When you get the jump on an unsuspecting opponent, a hail of bullets from your Vulcan can do a lot of damage before they realize what's happening. When you find yourself in a sustained face-to-face fight, fire in bursts and watch your heat gauge.

Alternate function: Due to the Vulcan XT's use as a primary and secondary for the G2-Assault, it does not have an alternate function.

The Vulcan XT is the G2 counterpart of the Point-D Vulcan.


Vulcan XT

DPS Rating:




Rate of Fire:


Effective Range:


Heat Rate:


Mechs with the Vulcan XTEdit

G2-assault fullbody labeled180

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